We are a USA Company focused on combining intelligent science with natural technologies to create earth/human friendly profitable solutions that deliver ethical and financial returns to our shareholders.

Should you be interested in investing in Pacific Sands, Incorporated, your initial purchase of our common stock can be made through a USA licensed securities broker.

If you are a shareholder and you have questions regarding our stock or the company, you can contact us toll free at 1-877-492-8123 or via email at

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Form Type Received Period Ending HTML Download XBRL
8-K 02/28/2014 02/27/2014 View
10-Q/A 6/30/2014 03/31/2014 View
8-K 06/09/2014 06/03/2014 View
10-K 09/29/2014 06/30/2014 View
10-Q 11/14/2014 09/30/2014 View
8-K 01/20/2015 01/20/2015 View
10-Q 02/13/2015 12/31/2014 View
10-Q 05/15/2015 03/31/2015 View
10-K 06/30/2015 10/13/2015 View
10-Q 09/30/2015 11/16/2015 View
8-K 01/08/2016 01/08/2016 View
10-Q 12/31/2015 02/24/2016 View